Digital Marketing

Before reading about anything on Digital Marketing, it is important to know what it is. Digital Marketing is known to be the promotion of brands or products using one or many electronic (digital) methods. Digital marketing has taken rise because unlike traditional marketing, effects and impacts of digital marketing can be analysed in real-time.

Digital marketing takes place primarily on the Internet. Yet there isn’t only the Internet as medium for this type of marketing. Mobile applications, Instant Messaging, Podcasts, Wireless Text Messaging…all this is counted as medium for digital marketing campaigns to be delivered. One amazing fact about digital marketing and the way it works is that it is no more a necessity to do surveys and count data like traditional marketing. This time, marketers are sitting in front of their screens and analyzing how things are working, such as what has been viewed, how much time someone stayed on a particular page, etc.

People have access to digital media anywhere and anytime they want. This kind of media is evolving really fast and providing consumers with a vast space of information, entertainment, news and social interaction. Now, consumers do not only have information about your brand or product but they also have reviews of other consumers of how the product is and has been used. eWOM (electronic word of mouth) is what consumers will believe in instead of you. Digital marketers use such the availability of digital media to persuade consumers to trust their brands, through others’ opinions and by providing them with products and brands tailored to their needs.



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