What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. We all know about the search engines that exist. Google, Bing & Yahoo, among the most used search engines on the Web, have displays of primary search results whereby they list pages that might be relevant for the users.

How Does SEO Work?

Search engines such as Google and Bing collect information from each page that is available on the Web so that they can help people find what they are looking for. Every search engine has a special method called the algorithm that converts all the date needed into useful search results that users can read. When a website or a page has higher ranking, more people can find it. To have higher rankings, it is important that the website has all the ingredients that lead to this phenomenon. This process of putting in the correct ingredient for the page to be ranked higher is called Search Engine Optimization. Among these ingredients are words, titles, links, word in links and reputation.

The Ingredients To Be First

Search engines account for each word that is found on the Web, which is why when someone searches for ‘digital marketing,’ only the pages having these words will appear in search results. It is therefore important to put the accurate words needed in your content so that it can easily be found in search results. Each page on the web has a specific title. This specific title is in the code so we never see it. Search engines are very much dependent on page titles because they often summarize what the page is talking about. A good and specific title helps find the best fit result for someone’s search.

Links between websites are another important factor. A link normally acts as a recommendation that this site has good stuff. A web page that has many links diverting to it are liked by search engines and can climb up the result rankings. Be aware of the fact that search engines will check first if they are trustworthy links or not! Words in links also help in optimizing a web page. For example if the word digital marketing links to thedigibot.wordpress.com, this web page will appear in the results when someone types in ‘digital marketing.’ Websites with fresh content and good links might rise the search engine pretty fast and be on a good rank.

Your website therefore needs to have great & fresh content that is supported by all the ingredients that search engines need to complete their algorithm. Start optimizing your web page now!




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