Little Traffic Manager

Hey everyone! Oh, it’s been so long since I last wrote on my blog. I must say, I missed the feeling of writing. Yet, I am not sad because I am back with much more radiance and happiness and much much more knowledge.

Since the last time we conversed, a lot of things changed in my life. I went from a little marketing intern to a Junior Traffic Manager today. Oh yes, I am standing on the first step of the ladder I always dreamed climbing. Thanks to my boss for this position and the trust in me to know I could achieve something. This little traffic manager has grown up…well just a little bit. I now work and write most of the time in French, and I am now specializing in my most favorite field: digital marketing. Who would think my dream would come true? I thought yes, but not so soon!

I started my journey by stepping into AdWords and Facebook Business Manager. Oh well, at the start, it was a bit tough as they were rather new to me, but after some time, it all started going well. I now understand how to read AdWords statistics, how to create the ads and how to bid on keywords. I never used to understand this in my lectures at uni, but now I do! BUSINESS MANAGER – it used to be such a big word for me, now it’s just a page that I open every morning to monitor the different pages and ad accounts. I have been able to put in practice my knowledge of doing SEO site audits for websites. And I must say, I just love the feeling of it!

There is a lot more to narrate about my path since December 2016 but for now, I will end it here as all the topics will follow in individual blog posts later on. I must say, I am loving what I am living right now.

Till then, take care!


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