Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing for me

Everyone has a passion, a topic, or a hobby that they cherish. Likewise, I have a passion that I want to share with the world. Since I started my degree in Mass Communications, I knew I would do my specialization in Marketing because I loved this. It did not cost me much time to realize that digital marketing was my field. When I started working, my knowledge in marketing got deeper. I started working on SEO and content marketing for the company’s website and I knew this was what I wanted to make my job. At work, I used to look for articles on this topic and read and analyse. I tried to nurture and deepen my knowledge to be able to practice at my best. I am very much at ease with talking to people and convincing them for a product or service, yet I decided that I would be the back-office marketing person who will attract all the potential people towards a product or service – the digital marketing person.

There is one thing that we cannot deny – The world has gone digital! The Internet has taken over and kept developing from a Web 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0 bases. Marketers started using this digital medium to market their products and services. Email Marketing, Content Marketing, SEM, SEO, Social Media Marketing…these are all the digital marketing ways available. So, I decided why not indulge the online population in my 0 1 0 1 venture. There is a lot to learn about digital marketing. It is not simply convincing to buy a product. Marketing is no more only about this. It is about creating and enhancing your brand. What is beautiful about the digital world is its ability to provide news to millions of consumers within a millisecond. This can be a blessing when things are going right and a nightmare when things are going wrong. My blog on Digital Marketing will have all the knowledge you need to acquire to excel in this field. I will share my personal experiences in Digital Marketing and how it has helped me carve myself into the professional being I am today. Perfection can never be reached, as people say, but knowledge can be acquired day and night to turn this saying into a reality. Digital Marketing is what I keep learning to convert my passion into my job and I will never have to work again!


Digital Marketing For You

Digital communications has become famous only since some years back and is being developed by engineers and marketers to be taken to the next level of the era. It is good to know that the future of our world is to go digital. These digital methods are mostly via the Internet. Marketers have seen digital communications as a new way to interact and persuade their customers. They call it digital marketing. Digital Marketing is known to be the promotion of brands or products using one or many electronic (digital) methods. Learning is crucial in fast moving subjects such as digital marketing. It is mostly important to keep up-to-date with latest technologies and trends to be able to carry out digital marketing. I have decided to create a blog on this topic not only to share my passion but so that I share can the changes taking place in this specific field. It is important for consumers to learn about what is making the world move nowadays and one of the different elements is digital communications.

Digital communications is linked to many other elements such as SEO, SEM, email marketing, content marketing, web mastering, digital marketing…and the list goes on! It is a very important field to learn about. If you are the generation that gets along with technology very well, then this field is definitely for you. The DigiBot is here to make you discover the digital communications world and make you love it. One reason as to why it is important to inculcate knowledge of digital communications in us is because unconsciously, we are using this kind of technology everyday and the businesses are talking to us using these digital methods every single second. It is important to know what makes this amazing two-way interaction possible and how marketers make it possible for you to have the information you need on their businesses’ websites.

If you do a search on Google about shoes, you get a list of places that sell this item and it is ranked in a particular way. Most of the time you will see that websites having most beautiful and attractive content and graphic and be more popular will be ranked on top of those less popular and less dynamic. Have you ever wondered why it is so? No worries, just read The DigiBot, you will get all your answers! Good reading!

Rushdana Janoo – August 28th, 2016


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